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Tips to Fund your Summer Holiday!

Whether you are a happy camper, a city breaker, or a beach lover you could fund most of your holiday with the unused tech in your home. Summer is on its way and it’s time to create memories, not clutter!

Wouldn’t you love to get away instead of wasting away? We can show you just how a little searching around your home for your unwanted or unused items can easily pay for a nice getaway somewhere.

More tech, more miles!

There could be upwards of £300 just sitting around in your cupboards and drawers, if you’ve not used it for over a year, should you really keep it? Just a small selection of old tech can actually get you a long way, depending on where you want to go. The following list is a realistic bounty of unused tech that you can find in the average home, unused tech from all members of the family.

  • Xbox 360 Premium
  • PSP
  • Go Pro
  • Kindle Fire
  • iPad
  • Compact Camera
  • 10 DVD’s
  • 10 CD’s
  • Hair Straighteners

You add to this an old mobile phone, and you could have yourself upwards of £400!! That’s a week in a sunny part of Europe, a flight to somewhere exotic or a family sized tent if you prefer holidays at home!

So sending off your old unused tech now could take the burden off your holiday cost or get you further than ever before!

To get the most cash for your old tech you want to make sure it is in the best possible condition we have tips for you to go through before you send your old tech to the recycler.

Save Money by Buying Refurbished

It is easy to overlook the amount that can be saved by buying refurbished phones. We often like to shout about it. But looking at the cost of new handsets, the amount that can be saved on 2017’s flagships can also contribute hundreds of pounds towards this holiday.

Refurbished phones vary in conditions, from Pristine to Good, so you could save even more by choosing a lower grade phone. All the refurbished phones come with THE EXACT SAME warranty as a brand new phone straight from Apple or Samsung but you can save a whole bunch of cash towards your holiday.

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