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The Sure-fire Top Tips to Get The Very Most Cash For Your Old Tech - 2018 Update

The Sure-fire Top Tips to Get The Very Most Cash For Your Old Tech - 2018 Update

We thought it was high time we gave you the very best UPDATED tips for recycling your old mobile phone in an age of better screens and non-removable batteries.

Before You Recycle

1 Find the original chargers

The original charger can often make the difference when selling a phone on for these companies, if you have the original charger and it’s in good condition then that’s a huge plus.

2 Make sure it works

Pull out the charger and find out whether the old phone works. If it doesn’t show any signs of life, try a different power cable first and if that still doesn’t work, then the recycler will still be able to recycle the device responsibly.

3 Wipe the device

If the device works, then your next step is to delete your data and restore to factory settings. Ideally, you want the testers at the recycling centre to spend as little time as possible refurbishing your device, so delete your data and restore to factory settings in advance of sending it in.

4 Replace the battery

The battery is a key testing point, if you remember the device having a problem with holding charge, then replacing the battery with another one can be a viable method of retaining that value. Check the difference between a working device and non-working device and find any official new batteries on eBay and you might just find that for as little as a fiver, your device will hold charge and work much better and be worth more.

5 Finally, give it a clean

Get some tech wipes and scrub away all the grime on the device. A clean and working device can go some way to retaining the value. Get in the cracks and crevices with some folded card or a toothpick and really clear the device and a compressed air cannister is a great household item that can also prolong the life of PC’s and consoles.


Tips whilst your phone is still new

There are some tips and mindsets you can have to preserve the value of your phone prior to selling to a recycler and some good habits that you can pick up from the beginning. Obviously, some of these tips negate some of the fun, functionality or aesthetics of the phone so it’s always going to be a tossup.

1 Case Protection

Cases are still the defacto way to preserve the condition of your handset. There is no better way to ensure your phone won’t get any cosmetic damage. Couple this with a screen protector, and you are sure to protect yourself from even the lightest wear and tear.

2 Protect the screen from burn in

It is more of an issue in the newest and latest phones with OLED screens as they are more susceptible to screen burn in. We put a handy guide to protect your phone from screen burn, advice such as regularly changing the background, using a custom launcher for the system buttons and immersion mode if the phone has the ability.

3 Insure it

If you can get free or cheap phone insurance through bank accounts, home insurance or as a perk of your job if you are lucky. A lot of phone insurance covers a broken (or burnt) screen, and as that is the main cost reducer in mobile phone recycling, a fixed screen mobile is likely to recoup more money than the excess cost for the insurance.

If you are only factoring in the monthly cost of insurance towards the resale value, then it might not be as valuable, but you might still prefer that peace of mind for the additional coverage that mobile phone insurance.

Some of these tips are going to be more suitable than others, like if you don’t have an OLED screen then you shouldn’t need to take the precautions to protect from screen burn, or if you have an IP68 rated phone, you wouldn’t need to get a waterproof case.



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