Save The Date: Galaxy Note 9 Unveiling On August 9

Invitations have been sent for Samsung's next Unpacked event which will take place in 40 days in New York City.

What does official teaser tell us?

A couple hours ago Samsung posted a teaser video featuring an S Pen. The colour combination definitely stands out and for many this blue with purple hue and yellow gold mix will surely trigger purchase intent.

But why did Samsung show a closeup of an S Pen? A suspicious choice, as usually they tease high-end features the phone will pack. Oh wait... Maybe the S Pen is going to be the only change in the upcoming Galaxy Note 9?

Expanded S Pen functionality is going to be a welcome improvement, but sadly we are left with thoughts that the Galaxy Note 9 will have an unchanged design. The same Infinity Display, perhaps a slight reduction in the size of the bezels, the fingerprint might be relocated as the Galaxy S9 duo did, beneath the camera module. The camera sensors used in Note 9 will be the ones the Galaxy S9 Plus comes with. Anyway Samsung says Change is coming and we hope the S Pen is not the only feature this whatever change will impact.

What's up their sleeve?

With very little news beyond the size and location of certain features, the lips have been particularly sealed around the Note 9. But we've heard some rumours and seen leaks, so you decide whether these build excitement or breed disappointment in the final product.

When is the Samsung Unpacked Event?

The Unpacked event will take place in New York on 9th of August. Note 9 on August 9! The date choice isn't a coincidence we think and it's easy to remember.

The time hasn't been announced yet. On Samsung website you can register your interest not to miss any pre-event announcements and receive all related notifications.

Watch this space as we feel the leaks are in the air and there will be lots of hot rumours prior to announcement.


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