Samsung Tease New Foldable Phone

Could something special be on its way for the Samsung X? Samsung's head of mobile has recently come out with a sneaky little snippet of information that has everyone's interest piqued. Is it "time to deliver"?

There's no shortage of development behind the scenes into foldable screen technology, with foldable screens being at various tech demos, exhibitions and conferences for a few years now.

Consumer research conducted by Samsung now suggests that there is sufficient demand for foldable phones, hinting that they might have even strengthened relationships with manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo by supposedly sending them examples of a panel that could be used in foldable phones.

Nicely Timed?

What better timing to get people talking about your brand then a week before the iPhone announcement? Whilst it could be a long way off before the delivery of such a phone, the excitement on the internet is there and we don't think anyone would pass up the opportunity for a phone with 'Westworld' like functionality.

A thing of beauty!

Could Samsung deliver?

There are still obviously a lot of barriers, but the rumblings coming out of Samsung indicate they could well be ready to start production on such a device.

It should be interesting for all the peripherals market if this is the next step forward. Screen protectors, cases, could all become pretty obsolete as bendable screens are likely to become much more resistant to impact of cracks and etc.  However, whether you can so much as look at the screen without it scratching will be another matter entirely.

Our Verdict? Dubious!

It's not hard to be a little dubious considering the timing of this latest bit of information that has flooded the tech blogs and websites, with the announcement of Apple's latest phones just around the corner. We wouldn't put it past Samsung to try to take the shine off the event next week!

We know nothing about the Samsung X apart from the fact that it will happen, we need innovation in the smartphone market! Could Samsung be the ones to deliver it?

Andrew Marchant

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