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Try These Relaxation Activities For Free

Who would have thought that a year ago that the pandemic would wreck our lives so dramatically and that it would be still ongoing? Many of us have had significant amendments to their daily lives: home schooling, working from home and limited social activities which have each played their part in taking a toll on our wellbeing. A recent study has found that we experience a spectrum of emotions these days, with stress and anxiety topping the list.

The events of the past year have highlighted the importance of paying attention to the wellbeing of yourself and others. It is crucial to find a moment in your day to unwind, relax and recharge, even though it might sound impossible and all we want to do is to jet off on holiday. While holidays might be something that we don’t have access to right now, there are other relaxation activities that you can do to help you reduce your anxiety and stress. The key is to find at least two minutes in your day and dedicate them to relaxation, on your own or together with your family.

Play With The Stars

Ever touched a star? While Stars Fluid isn’t going to literally take you to space, it will let you play with the galaxy. When you land on the website, all you see is a black screen, but once you start moving your mouse, a universe emerges. You can create different shapes and swirls that slowly melt and take your gloomy day away. We recommend that you also play your favourite relaxation playlist, close all the tabs on your computer and enjoy ASMR-like relaxation. Trust us, it works!

Open The Secret Door

Powered by Google Maps, the Secret Door will transport you to a random place in the world where you can explore the surroundings and discover new places along your way. You can choose to be taken elsewhere and explore as many locations as you want. What a nice way to chill out!

Feed The Head

Sometimes in order to completely switch off, it’s best to immerse into something weird. Feed the Head is an interactive click-and-play game where you need to intuitively understand what's required and solve the riddles to reach the end of the story. The further you progress, the more interesting events develop. Can you get to the end?

Write A Song

Would you be surprised if we told you your keyboard can turn into a musical instrument? While you might think that composing a song is a complicated process, Sampulator is an online music studio where your laptop’s keys become beats and sounds. You can dive into creating your unique tune together with your family and record it. How about this for music therapy?

Do Nothing

Pausing just for a moment can do wonders, but only when you genuinely switch your brain off and leave any thoughts behind. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes is a simple timer counting 2 minutes down while playing wave sounds, but it is an incredibly helpful way to recharge.

In today’s world, managing work, education, the uncertainty of the future and keeping feelings of anxiety at bay is a challenge, but it’s essential that you find the time to relax and become calm. Whichever relaxation activity you decide to go for, we hope you’ll find your favourite which will help you to take care of your stressed-out mind. Just remember to breath it out.

Cover image: Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash


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