Compare and Recycle Proud Sponsors of ‘Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent’ Art Trail

Tim Nicholson, Antonia Hristov from Compare and Recycle with Sarah O'Sullivan from Heart of Kent Hospice and little Shaun The Sheep character

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be supporting Heart Of Kent Hospice by sponsoring a Shaun the Sheep sculpture in Maidstone in the summer of 2024! We are excited to join other local communities and businesses in supporting the initiative and are delighted to be part of this fantastic art trail running in Maidstone.

After the tremendous success of Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade in 2021, Heart of Kent Hospice is once again partnering with Wild in Art, the renowned producer of these spectacular art events on both national and global scales. Additionally, they have teamed up with Aardman, the world-famous, award-winning studio located in Bristol and known for creating the beloved character Shaun the Sheep. Together, they aim to introduce up to 50 Shaun the Sheep sculptures to the streets and public spaces of Maidstone from June to August 2024.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for us to show our support for Heart Of Kent Hospice, but it’s also a great excuse for you too to get out and explore parts of Maidstone that you wouldn’t normally go to whilst enjoying a fun free day out. These days it’s so easy to find ourselves cooped up indoors glued to our mobile phones which is why at Compare and Recycle, we believe that this is a great way to do the opposite for a good cause.

48% of people spent five or more days visiting the trail and +50% of all visitors said it was their main reason for visiting Maidstone.

So, What Is Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent Art Trail ?

Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent is an exciting free art trail that will see up to 50 large individually decorated Shaun sculptures placed around the parks, town centre and river walks in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. Each large Shaun the Sheep sculpture will be designed and painted by a local or national artist and will be accompanied by a flock of little Shauns decorated by local schools and community groups. Compare and Recycle will get to choose the design for their large sculpture in October!

The Shaun the Sheep trail will be a visual delight capturing your imagination while you hunt to find them. To help you locate all the sculptures, there will be a free app available to download to help you unlock good-to-know facts, family-friendly challenges and rewards from Official Partners and Sponsors. The last trail saw an amazing number of people visit the Elmer The Elephant sculptures and we cannot wait to see what summer of 2024 brings for Shaun!

At the end of the trail, the large Shauns will be auctioned to raise funds for Heart of Kent Hospice, whilst the little Shauns that have been adopted by local schools and community groups to decorate will return to them after the trail ends as their forever homes.

What Part Does Compare and Recycle Play In The Trail?

Compare and Recycle has been headquartered in Maidstone since its inception and 2024 will mark 15 years of us being on the journey to make mobile phone recycling mainstream. We see this milestone as the perfect time to celebrate us being part of Maidstone and what could be better than joining hands with Heart of Kent Hospice for the 'Shaun the Sheep In the Heart Of Kent' art trail.

As an Official Sponsor, Compare and Recycle will select a design and work with an artist who paints our Shaun sculpture which will be put on the display for everyone to see when the trail goes live in June 2024. As part of this initiative Compare and Recycle will be also getting involved in a range of volunteering opportunities to support the invaluable work of Heart of Kent Hospice.

Just like Shaun the Sheep and his friends explore their world with curiosity, Compare and Recycle encourages people to stay curious and discover ways to consume electronics sustainably. It’s always easy to chuck your old phone in a drawer to be forgotten, but we make it just as easy to do the right thing with your unwanted tech and pass it on. By combining our passion for positive change with the charm of Shaun the Sheep, we hope to inspire a brighter, greener future for Maidstone and all of the UK. Together, we're excited to bring smiles to faces, nurture a sense of togetherness and support the invaluable work of Heart of Kent Hospice.

As an Official Sponsor of the 'Shaun the Sheep In The Heart of Kent' art trail, Compare and Recycle recognises the pressing issue of our modern age – the allure of screens keeping both kids and adults indoors. We believe this initiative is a perfect antidote, inviting everyone to put down their devices and step outside. Our hope is that amidst the charming Shaun sculptures scattered around Maidstone, families, and individuals will rediscover the joy of the great outdoors. Let's unplug, unwind and embark on what promises to be a fun adventure that promises the simple pleasure of exploring Maidstone as a couple, family or simply on your own taking some time out of the Hussle of day-to-day life. - Timothy Nicholson - Chief Operating Officer, Compare and Recycle.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you are local to Maidstone or simply intrigued by this art trail, you can come along and enjoy the fantastic free creativity depicted on each of the Shaun the Sheep sculptures. So mark 29th June 2024 in your calendar and start planning your Shaun the Sheep day! It will be such a fun way to enjoy a stroll around Maidstone and support a good cause.

Come along and show your support for this great cause and share your experience on social media by tagging @compareandrecycle / @shaunheartkent and using the hashtag #shaunheartkent. See you there!


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