No Notch, No Chin, No Bezel (Almost), All-screen Oppo Find X

In case you haven't heard of Oppo - it's one of the China's phone manufacturer giants, the company that owns OnePlus. Oppo is known for producing phones with creative design solutions and stand-out hardware and their latest device the Oppo Find X is no exception.

Do you see what we see? The screen. Minimal edges. The screen to body ratio is 93.8%. Insane, right? So for better understanding how awesome it is: the iPhone X screen to body ratio is 81.49% and the Galaxy S9 is 83.6%. Oppo is miles away, stealing the all-screen crown from industry's leading brands.

But we know what are you questioning - where is the fingerprint sensor and all the cameras and a bunch of other sensors that manufacturers pack in top bezel? Ohh, Oppo had its own solution like many previous releases. You may like it or you may not, but it deserves a place in the market and maybe a little bit of applause.

New tricks

Oppo didn't go the notch way. Oppo didn't go the ugly way of producing an asymmetric device. Instead Oppo managed to stay recognisable, introduce a unique phone and bring something fresh on the shelves of lookalike devices these days.

How? By going all in on an innovative pop-up camera system.

Camera set-up like no other

Find X's camera is completely hidden when the camera app is closed and slides out in 0.5 seconds as soon as you tap on the camera app to open. When the camera app is launched, the top section of the phone moves upwards smoothly and a 25 MP selfie camera, 3D facial scanner sensor and a dual 16 MP and 20MP rear camera gets revealed. The entire mechanism rests in phone's hardware and rolls back as soon as the camera app is closed.  

Beautiful design and hottest hardware

Stunning 6.4-inch OLED display with Galaxy-like curved edges, latest Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM, massive 3,730 mAh battery and expandable internal storage for up to 256 GB. All these high-end specs with truly infinite display are packed in a unified symmetric body that seamlessly hides and releases the camera tech. The phone is a completely unique offering and despite the durability concerns this is an exciting release by Oppo.

The future brings pop-up tech

The new phone from Oppo got us thinking that slider and pop-up hardware components will make their comeback. Notchified devices are so cliché and do not make people happy especially when every single device recently released offers more screen topped with a notch which isn't, in our opinion, aesthetically pleasing. When the phones will reach 100% screen-to-body ratio, pop-up cameras and sensors is one of the most logical directions phone designs will evolve in a notch-free future. What are your thoughts on mobile phone evolution?


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