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New 2018 iPhone Release Date, News and Leaks

What's in store for the leapfrogged iPhone? All we can assume is that they could be jumping back to the "9" moniker, the rest, unlike previous years, has been pretty well guarded. Here's a summary of the rumours and what we know;

  • We can expect the announcement around September 12th
  • Launch date could be 21st or 28th
  • Minimum of 3 iPhone X variants all but confirmed

What isn't certain?

As you can imagine, searching the rumour mill for legitimate leaks and concrete facts is a difficult task in itself. Rumours are intertwined, connected and sometimes related to each other but other times they are not. But here are some of the rumours that are neither conclusive nor extensive.

Things like more colours, processing speeds, higher screen res, battery life improvements are to be expected. But what has Apple got up their sleeves to really wow the audience this year?

Release Date

If past launches are anything to go by, the official announcement will come early September, and the iPhone release will follow late September. If we are to throw our money on a date, we would go for the 21st. But whether they go two phase like the 8 and X release dates has yet to be determined.

Wireless Charging Upgrade

Quicker wireless charging using copper coil instead of the flexible printed circuit that could result in faster charging. This is through less heat dispersion and greater efficiencies but it's not without its drawbacks as the tech could increase the weight of the device and the copper coil would take up more internal space. Source China times.

Apple Pencil Support

Apple pencil support for the new iPhones is a real possibility, following the success of Galaxy S-Pen on the Note 9 and the rekindling of iPad sales as a result of Apple Pencil support, we could see support on the latest handsets. But this is likely to only be reserved for the two rumoured OLED screens.

Different sizes

In this elusive picture that could say nothing at all considering the sudden popularity of notch-like features on phones, however the leak suggests that there will be three screen sizes, and more specifically, two OLED screens and one LCD screen for what could lower the entry price for a new iPhone.

However since then, there have been further developments to this rumour with full screen specifications being leaked.

Is there a budget iPhone on its way?

It's been a few years since there was a truly accessible iPhone, since the 2017 versions are some of the most expensive releases in recent times, and although that didn't seem to halt sales, appealing to a different market can only increase the overall number of models shipped.

We know that the higher capacity iPhones hold their value for longer, and by our prediction a budget option will probably not be the best option for those looking to retain value in their phone.

New Features Wishlist/Predictions

There are plenty of different improvements that Apple could make to their 2018 product line, since the iPhone added Face ID and wireless charging features, here are some of the features we'd expect this year;

  • A new A12 chip - a 7 nanometer design, an improvement on the 10-nanometer A11  featured in the iPhone 8 and X
  • 4GB RAM - an upgrade on the 3GB ram of the iPhone X
  • 512GB Capacity - this would be a move away from the iCloud service that's pushed heavily
  • Dual SIM - Apple have long been pushing moving away from the need for a simcard, but that's a battle that may be too far of a push and instead appeal to the business market with dual SIM
  • NFC Chip improvements - With Apple pay widely accepted, Apple could look to unlocking the potential of the iPhone's NFC software and allow it to verify identity in other ways.
  • Anti Recording - With every improvement their could be a more totalitarian control to block recording at venues through infrared signals as per their patent filed in 2016.
  • Super Res Images - The new chip could facillitate super resolution images that stitch multiple images together.

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