How to Get Extra Cash for Your Summer

It goes without saying that many of our plans for activities to do this summer will have been scrapped as holidays have been cancelled, and we’ve not been allowed to be in close proximity to our loved ones outside of our household. In spite of the myriad of challenges that the coronavirus has brought, there are still plenty of ways to have an enjoyable summer safely, even if you have to rethink some of the plans that you had in place initially.

This is a guide that will show you where your money can go when you sell your spare gadgets on Compare and Recycle. The activities that we mention can be done while social distancing, so we hope that these will give you some inspiration for ways to spend your time during the summer months.

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Under £50

If you plan to sell, for instance, a broken iPhone 7 on our site, this will get you just under £50. While this might not seem like a lot at first glance, there are quite a lot of items that you can buy for this amount that will go a long way towards making your summer an enjoyable one. If you have children, there are many toys and games that you can buy for under £50, which you can put either in your home or in your garden. If you don't have kids, why not get some tools for gardening? If you do have children, you could buy a sandpit for your garden which isn’t too expensive and great for kids to play in, or a paddling pool for kids (or pets) to play in on a hot day.

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Under £100

Another example would be if you’re selling an iPhone 7 in working condition, which is likely to get you just under £100. This is currently the most popular device on our site. With this amount, you could invest in some technology that will help you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you simply want to track your number of steps or gain a more advanced insight of your workout progress, a fitness tracker could be a great investment. Similarly, you could also buy a pair of headphones designed for working out, like these BeatsX headphones if you want a well-known brand.

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From £150

If you were to sell a OnePlus 6T on our site, this would get you around £160. There’s a lot that this amount of money could get you, such as new furniture for your garden (a set of chairs and a table), a table tennis set, a barbecue (an essential for a British summer) or even a telescope, for gazing out at the great beyond.

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From £250

Lastly, there are the phones that will get you upwards of £250. Clearly these are the phones that are newer models, like the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will get you around £300. In any case, you might have one of these models and have your eye on the latest flagship on the market. If you get more than £250, this could be money for a greater expense, like a new bicycle. These tend to be on the more expensive side, but with the money that you could earn from your phone, you could put it towards an investment towards your health and change to a greener mode of transport.

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