How To Add GIF On Your Always On Display

How To Add GIF On Your Always On Display

Samsung is producing incredible Android phones, but users are almost last to get new OS updates. Luckily, after several delays and beta testings the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 devices are slowly getting the latest Android.

Apart from sweet new software features such as keyboard improvements, notification control, app shortcuts, lock screen and UI customisation, Oreo brought GIF support to Always On Display (AOD).

If you have installed Android 8.0 and want to refresh your AOD lock screen or you're a GIF lover, read on!

What's Always On Display?

AOD first debuted on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. If you haven't heard what's AOD, you haven't probably enjoyed your Galaxy at most. This feature, when active, allows to have a quick glimpse at your notifications, battery percentage, time or any other little bits you want depending on your preferences WITHOUT waking up your phone. Might sound simple, but once you turn AOD on, you will never go back to deadly black screen.

How to add a GIF

AOD had many customisation options and clock designs, but with now GIF support available you can bring little action.

Step 1

In order to see what's the deal with GIF support you have to turn the AOD on, if it is currently disabled. To access AOD setting, navigate to Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Always On Display and choose from the "Content To Show".


Step 2 and 3

Go back from Always On Display menu and select Clock and FaceWidgets on the Lock screen and security menu and tap Clock style.



Step 4

Once you've been redirected to Clock style menu, keep scrolling right and select an option screenshoted below.


Step 5

That's when excitement kicks in. You can tap the "+" icon and select one of your saved GIFs from your gallery or use a Gallery of preisntalled GIFs. This can be done by tapping Add GIF on the buttom of your screen above the navigation bar.


Once this is done, navigate to the top right corner and select Apply.

You should now enjoy little animated widget on your AOD. The only caveat is that the GIF will play once each time your phone is being locked. Obviously would be more entertaining to have it playing in infinite loop, but this is limited to playing once for your battery life performance.



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