We love a deal, and in the UK the time with the most deals is at the end of November on the now infamous Black Friday. With an excess of £6 billion up for grabs from UK consumers over the four days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can expect companies to go all out in offering some great deals to grab your attention.

UK shoppers spent nearly £2 billion on Black Friday 2016. However, with every new Games console, Laptop, and Mobile phone you buy, it replaces an older piece of tech. Rather than let your old tech take up space or even worse, get thrown away, we are introducing a new holiday around this consumer-focused time of shopping – #GreenTuesday!

Why Should you Bother?


Stop hoarding your old stuff, Christmas is coming up as well you know!

Earn Money

If it’s still in working order you can recycle tech for money!

Go Green

Reduce your carbon footprint. Recycle and protect the environment!

There will always be a back-log. As the amount of tech that each person has is now reaching double figures and unused tech is clogging up drawers around UK homes. It is estimated that homes in the UK have over 4 old mobiles sitting in drawers, unused and unwanted when they could be worth extra cash or recycled responsibly.

Recycling what we are used to should be as much of a national holiday as the Black Friday, and like any of the big holidays, responsible recycling is expected from us all year round.

Andrew Marchant

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