Finding Colour with the Oppo Find X3

Oppo is a brand that not many people in the UK will be familiar with, however, this looks as though it’ll change with the latest release becoming available exclusively through Vodafone. This could be a big step for the phone manufacturer in breaking into the UK market.

You may be more familiar with one of the subsidiaries owned by Oppo; the OnePlus brand, which has gained more traction with a western audience with their breakthrough flagship-killing devices.

Oppo on the other hand are a brand who have not yet carved out their own space in the industry, and have been known to switch the main features up and try new tech with their devices, often dropping features and specs that were well received.

Find Colour

The tagline for the device is Find Colour, and they've taken this mantra to the extreme ensuring that the screen is as sharp as possible and having a 1-billion-colour display- outperforming most of the competition.

With their cameras, photos and videos don’t get compressed and tweaked much from their raw source, giving you a true sense of the actual colour when you look at your screen.

One aspect of the find colour slogan is that they have built a device that will cater to the visually impaired and colour blind by dialling into their vision and producing colours that they will be able to perceive as vibrant.

The cameras haven’t missed out either, as they’re able to take snaps using their 1 billion colour dual primary cameras, allowing for beautiful, and customisable photos. In addition, they've not put a sub-par lens as a secondary camera. The wide angle lens is the same lens as the main 50MP lens, meaning when you switch between cameras, there isn't going to be a noticeable colour or resolution shift.

And Then There’s the Micro Camera

When we say micro, it’s micro to the extreme. Think individual threads on a garment and the minuteness of sand. The camera is 3MP and has its own ring light, and while it’s a bit of a gimmick and won’t hold too many real life uses, it’s a gimmick done right with how interesting the output is.

Futuristic Design, Futuristic Accessibility

It’s great to see consumer tech advancing the lives of those with colour vision deficiency with Find X3's colour selecting and customising screens truly taking advantage of the 1 billion colours.

Again, by switching up the design, Oppo has dropped what was arguably a very interesting choice in the Find X2’s vegan leather or ceramic, and instead going back to basics with a futuristic aesthetic on the Find X3.

Adaptive 120Hz Refresh Rate

Apative refresh rate on the screen, from 5hz to 120hz can save up to 40% battery used by the screen. This should scale up when needed and scale down when not appropriate, meaning that you shouldn’t notice it changing. We think this is a pretty cool feature if it means the device will hold its charge for longer.


This is a very capable phone, and the price reflects it, putting it at £1099 for the UK market against the ultra devices of last year.

We would say that waiting for details of the OnePlus 9 first, which should have many of these great features but at a lower price point, would be the wisest move for those considering the Find X3.

Andrew Marchant

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