Everything You Need to Know About the OnePlus Nord

There has been a great deal of hype and speculation surrounding OnePlus’ newest smartphone model, and we're getting closer to the official unveiling of the OnePlus Nord. What is exciting about this handset is that it will be an affordable offering (mid range rather than low cost) alongside OnePlus’ flagship models that came out earlier this year, which is a return to OnePlus’ roots and is what has secured loyal fans to the brand in the first place.

Many of OnePlus’ followers expressed disappointment with the OnePlus 8 series for having a much higher price tag than its predecessors, as the brand was originally known for its attractive offer of modern features for a low price. For OnePlus to release the lower price OnePlus Nord after months of build up is encouraging, and should help to regain trust from OnePlus fans.

‘OnePlus Nord’ is the device’s name, but it was unclear that it would be called this initially. The OnePlus Nord’s other rumoured names were the OnePlus 8 Lite (so that it would denote a cheaper version of the OnePlus 8 without some of the more advanced features) and the OnePlus Z. OnePlus eventually chose OnePlus Nord, which according to Carl Pei (one of OnePlus’ cofounders) alludes to the concept of true north on a compass.

When Will the OnePlus Nord Launch?

OnePlus did limited pre-orders of the OnePlus Nord on their UK site on Wednesday the 1st of July and Wednesday the 8th of July which sold out quickly. They are also doing pre-orders again on Wednesday the 15th of July, so you will get another chance to get your hands on the OnePlus Nord if you want to get it as soon as possible. In terms of the wider release date, this has been confirmed as Tuesday the 21st of July. This will be an industry first- an augmented reality (AR) event that you will be able to watch via the OnePlus Nord AR app (available on both Android and on the App Store).

How Much Will the OnePlus Nord Cost?

OnePlus revealed on their former Instagram page ‘onepluszlitething’ that the OnePlus Nord will cost around £410 in the UK, and €500 in Europe. This would make the OnePlus Nord significantly cheaper than the OnePlus 8, which cost £600 when it was released in April.

OnePlus Nord Cameras

According to a leak from Android Central, the OnePlus Nord is going to have two front facing cameras: 32MP and 8MP, and three rear cameras.

There is a leaked image from Amazon (see below) which gives you a clearer view of the camera setup. It looks as though there will be three rear lenses rather than four, according to another phone leaker on Twitter.

Image credit: Amazon / OnePlus

Will the OnePlus Nord Have 5G?

OnePlus have confirmed that the OnePlus Nord will come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, which means that the OnePlus Nord will be 5G enabled. This will make the OnePlus Nord a great option for anyone who wants to buy a 5G handset without paying a premium price tag for it.

All of the information we have discussed in this article consists of rumours and leaks, so we will not know for sure what to expect until the 21st of July. In any case, the OnePlus Nord looks promising, and we look forward to seeing what OnePlus have in store for us.


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