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Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone Gifts for Christmas

As eco conscious buyers but ones that still want the very best in technology, we want to accessorise, protect and embellish our favourite personal technology item. We will look at how we can make sustainable choices for our Christmas gifts for that avid phone user in our family.

Sustainable phone cases

There are a few different options when it comes to eco-friendly mobile phone cases, whether you choose to have a wooden phone case, cases made out of the ocean-based plastic and fully compostable ones made out of hemp or other grains. We think these are all great ideas, so take a look at each of these copmpanies doing great things to protect our devices;

  • If you want to combine artistic espression with your sustainability, then look no further than Pela who have a beautifully creative range of cases and accesories.

  • Check out Ocean Mata, a European accessory company that are not only using completely biodegradeable materials, but also using every sale to fund removal of 1kg of Ocean Plastic.

  • Another great company taking their corporate social responsibility seriously are Wave who have a great range of cases and accessories made from completely biodegradeable materials.

Biodegradable Air Tag Case

Air Tags are new, and whilst Apple are charging a whopping £35 for an official case on the Apple online store and even into the hundreds of pounds for those created by the Parisienne fashion brand Hermès, it just doesn’t fly with our eco-conscious, price cautious customer base.

So why not find a biodegradable Air Tag case to secure an air tag to the things you need to keep track of. We like these cases by Wavecase that have carbon neutral shipping and made using biodegradable materials.

A Biodegradable Phone Grip

The perfect gift for the clumsy around us, that would like a bit extra security when holding their phone. You know what they are, you've seen them on the high street, but this is one that won't contribute to the mountain of plastic waste once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

This plant based phone grip is 100% compostable so once finished with can be composted with your food waste collection.

A Case made out of recycled coffee cups

As a human race, we go through millions and millions of coffee cups, and in an effort to make espresso more environmentally friendly, we can find another use for our disposble coffee cups than just going into landfill.

A Fairphone 4

For those with a bit more of a budget and in need of a new phone, then we can’t help but be impressed with the latest Fairphone 4 that has all the accolades you could hope for from an environmentally conscious phone manufacturer.

They support their phones upwards of 7 years going by their older models currently getting updated to Android 10, which should see them usable and secure for many years to come. The latest Fairphone 4 comes with 5 years warranty for many of the internal components. And being able to replace the screen and battery yourself means it should last beyond the warranty. It is a gift that will remain relevant for many Christmases.

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