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COVID-19: Compare and Recycle Service Update

As it has been several months since we were first instructed to stay at home by the UK government, the following update will explain what you can expect from comparing prices on Compare and Recycle to sell your device to one of our merchants.

Following the UK government’s announcement in March 2020 to follow stringent self-isolation and social-distancing rules, some of the recyclers on Compare and Recycle began to freeze their operations to implement safety measures.

Some recycling companies remained operational following the safety guidelines and introduced new ways of posting devices, as well as extending their price lock-in periods. More recently, some of the restrictions that were set in March 2020 have started to be lifted, meaning that certain recyclers that were inactive for some period of time on our site are resuming operations again. There have also been some new recyclers that we have welcomed to the site as well.

As some of our merchants rely on Royal Mail delivery services, it may take longer for customers to receive trade-in packs and for devices to reach recyclers due to the closure of certain Royal Mail branches.

All of the orders that are being received are being processed and paid out in accordance with the recyclers’ terms. If you experience any issues, please make your recycler or us aware of these.

We will continue to release updates here and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Compare and Recycle team


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