If a better gaming phone comes out this year, we will happily knock them off their top spot, but here are the top phones for mobile phone gaming for 2019.

Phone Processor Screen Resolution Refresh Rate Memory OS GPU
Razer Phone 2 Snapdragon 845 1440 x 2560 px 120Hz 8GB Android 8.1 Adreno 630
ASUS ROG Phone Snapdragon 845 1080 x 2160 px 90Hz 8GB Android 8.1 Adreno 630
Xiaomi Black Shark Snapdragon 845 1080 x 2160 px 60Hz 6GB/8GB Android 9 MIUI Adreno 630
Honor Play Kirin 970 1080 x 2340 px 90Hz 4GB Android 8.1 EMUI 8.2 Mali-G72 MP12
iPhone XS Max Apple A12 Bionic 1242 x 2688 px 120Hz 4GB iOS 12 Apple GPU
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos 9810 Octa 1440 x 2960 px 60Hz 8GB Android 9.0 with One UI Mali-G72 MP18

Razer Phone 2 - Best Gaming Phone

Razer have gone all out to make sure this phone can endure prolonged sessions of the best mobile phone gaming experience possible. The standout specification of the Razer 2 is the impressive screen refresh rate that helps to bolster the fairly standard Adreno 630 GPU within the phone. But with “vapor cooling” the device can withstand much more than just a brief stint here or there and can maintain higher performance for longer. The screen is super sharp and crisp with a 513 ppi density, and did we mention the refresh rate?

Mobile gaming really comes into its own when you can use a controller as the touchscreen is less than ideal for fast paced games. The Razer Raiju mobile phone controller is responsive over Bluetooth, but for those wanting the minimum lag possible, then the USB-C connector is the way to go!

The Razer is one of the most impressive gaming flagships around at the moment and it only being their second dip into smartphones. The super-fast display just feels right with system animations such as flicking between apps. A polished, well rounded, and not overly garish for day to day use, the Razer 2 is one of our favourite phones both on aesthetics and performance.

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Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Helo Edition - Best Budget Gaming Phone

A great hands-on can be found on YouTube, by TechTablets.com

Apart from being one of the cheapest on the list, the Xiaomi Black Shark has a lot going for it. Not discounting the quite odd-looking, but extremely effective, one-handed controller that comes in the box and attaches to the left side of the phone.

The specifications are impressive for a £400 phone, with only the refresh rate letting it down in comparison to the others. But the RAM, Processor and GPU are well in line with the more expensive ROG and Razer phones, the Black Shark seems to hold its own.

The screen isn't an AMOLED, like the ASUS, nor does it have the refresh rate of the Razer, but for half the price, the screen is full HD and does the job whilst gaming.

The Shark Mode is a dedicated button on the side that takes you straight into a dedicated gaming dashboard and is one of the best features about the phone. It transforms it from mobile device to a gaming device, and the tactile switch is reminiscent of a GameBoy switch. One flick and you're in.

The design is exactly what you'd expect. Xiaomi know their target market wants bold and sharp design with RGB and hints of lime green. It's not going to be to everyone's taste, but it does definitely strike a look.

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ASUS ROG Gaming Phone

ASUS are heavy hitters in the Gaming laptop market, and their ROG game of laptops are well regarded in the space. They have followed Razer into the gaming smartphone field with their own high power, feature packed smartphone.

ROG is an acronym for "Republic Of Gamers", and this device is definitely packed full of high specs, Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. All that you'd expect in a flagship.

It's the additional features that set apart the ROG phone, and Asus have gone all-in on keeping cool. The copper heat spreader and "GameCool 3D vapor-chamber" is said to improve CPU cooling efficiency by 47%. This should help prevent lag from over hectic moments in any shooter games.

They also include an accessory in the box, but this is the Aero Active cooler that has a fan that clips directly to the back of the phone. It also serves as a charging point so that the cables don't get in the way when gaming in landscape mode.

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iPhone XS MAX

Not specifically built to be a gaming phone, the iPhone XS Max has undeniably amazing specifications, from the 7nm A12 Bionic Chip to the dedicated Apple GPU that doesn’t even stumble when jumping out of the plan in PUBG.

The 120Hz screen outperforms most other screens on the market with only the Razer Phone managing to squeeze out a phone with the same specification. This list is looking specifically at phones for gaming. Although there are aftermarket Bluetooth controllers, these can be laggy and unresponsive, especially compared to the Black Shark and Razer Phone.

If you are happy playing with  the on-screen controls, then the iPhone XS Max is obviously going to perform as well as, or better than, the majority of the competition, there's no denying it!

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Honor Play

The Gaming Aesthetic - picture credit: Android Authority

The budget phone on this list is the Honor Play. Heavily marketed as a mobile phone made for gamers, this is the cheapest smartphone on our list. It is currently available for £279.99, so how does this phone hold up compared to the others, that are up to 3x more expensive?

The majority of the gaming ready features are firmware optimisations, called "GPU Turbo" that are meant to enhance performance and frame-rate delivered by the Kirin 970 SOC processor. Along with rumble support and optimisation for battery usage.

There is a bit of a subtle difference in the WiFi ratio meaning that only the strongest signals available will leave you lag-free in PvP gaming. Offline, it handles everything thrown at it though and performs pretty well alongside the others in this list.

The phone itself is quite a bargain for the price, but the Play is lacking compared to the competition as a gaming phone.

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Samsung Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy is a great phone that can be used for gaming, rather than a great gaming phone. The specifications are impressive and is one of the highest bench-marked phones out there.

Despite having a slightly obscure aspect ratio, the screen size and power of this mobile device should not be ignored as a serious contender for great, consistent, and long-lasting mobile gaming. But this is the least you would expect for the most expensive phone on our list.

However you may find the temperature rising as you get into any prolonged shootouts. This is one hefty device without any dedicated cooling systems.

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