Apple 2018 Event Reactions

Where to begin exactly. The morning after the night before has left us wanting more, where do we look for budget? Where do we look for innovation? Two questions left wholly unanswered following the Apple event at Cupertino.

Apple Watch - Consult Your Doctor

To be fair, they started on a positive note, with a new and improved Apple Watch which takes a new focus on bettering the health of its owners. Alerts on heart rate, a home ECG and a fall detection that will automatically call emergency services should an accident happen.

The practicality of these systems should be called into question, the people that are most likely to need them are not the ones that are most likely to buy the Apple Watch. And in real terms, will likely only be a tempting proposition for solo hikers, cyclists.

Look at Tesla, they attempting to make cars with the technology to significantly reduce the risk of death or serious injury, a push forward we've not seen since Volvo gave away their patent for the three point seatbelt back in 1959. This is the level we should be holding tech agencies to.

Why Apple feel the need to take a stab at diagnosing one of "8 conditions" with their built-in FDA-approved EKG machine, they really should be taking steps to prevent in the first place, and just sums up the similarities of the Big-Pharma American TV advertising; Ask your doctor about {pharma-corp drug}.

The Line-Up

We will provide full specifications and descriptions in follow up posts, but the initial reactions are, "What's changed?" the premium model has a new chip, and the budget model is budget features for a premium price.

Again we are going to go through the entire specifications in detail but there were three new iPhones introduced;

  • iPhone X S
  • iPhone X S Max
  • iPhone X R

    More shocking is the removal of the following phones from the store;

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone X

That's a huge cull of some extremely popular phones, most shocking is perhaps the removal of the iPhone X. The conspiracy theorist inside of us would think that it would be because the XS is too similar in specifications to legitimately keep selling. But the price points of the phones indicate there is no real space for the well received iPhone of last year.

The only option for those keen on an iPhone X will be to buy refurbished, but you may need to act quick if you spot one in stock as they don't seem to last long.

More to follow!

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