Free Screen Replacements for a Year With These SIM Only Deals

Have you ever experienced that moment of sheer panic when your phone slips from your grasp, and you see it fall for a few agonising seconds before it eventually hits the ground? Have you then turned your phone over in trepidation to assess the damage?

Breaking your phone screen is all too easy, and it's one of life's small grievances which most of us will experience at some point. What makes it worse is that fixing your screen can be expensive. For iPhones, under warranty you will have to pay £25 through AppleCare+, however if it is out-of-warranty, you have to pay much more to get it fixed. If you break the phone screen of an iPhone 7 for example, you'll be looking at £152.44 through Apple, plus an additional £316.44 if any other parts of the device are damaged.

Many people also opt to get their screens repaired through third party companies instead. While this is a sensible option, you are still likely to pay at least a hundred pounds for your screen repair. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you might want to consider taking a look at Carphone Warehouse's SIM only deals which are offering unlimited screen replacements for one year.

If you choose any of the select Vodafone or O2 SIM only deals, the offer will cover unlimited screen repairs for the duration of 12 months, and you will receive a free screen protector. A one-off payment of £25 will be required for each claim, so instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a screen replacement, you can get it done that same day and for a lot cheaper. This is a bargain for the butterfingered among us who want to keep our current devices for a while longer and are willing to switch to a SIM-only plan. You can also use it to save money on your monthly bill. Take a look at Carphone Warehouse's website to find out more.


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