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What To Expect From the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

If you have been following phone news for a while, you may recall the disaster that was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This was Samsung’s first foray into the promising folding phone market, which was hampered by early reviewers reporting that their devices had broken after only a few days of use. This led Samsung to rectify the product defects and then launch the Galaxy Fold several months after their original planned launch date.

A year later, Samsung has come back stronger with a brand new folding device: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung has addressed the issues that were raised regarding the original Galaxy Fold, and they have since added several exciting new features that many consumers are likely to find useful. We will be explaining in detail what the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has to offer.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price

This probably will not come as a surprise to anyone that is familiar with folding smartphones, but the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be very expensive. This Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a price of £1,799 in the UK for 256GB (the only storage variant that is currently being offered), and there is also an even more expensive limited edition version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 known as the Thom Browne package which will cost an eye-watering £2,999 and will be released on Friday the 25th of September.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Release Date

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be released on Friday the 18th of September, if all goes to plan, i.e. there are no delays because of COVID-19 or product defects like the last time. Early reviewers have said that the previous problems have been rectified though, so we should get the Galaxy Z Fold 2 release as planned on the 18th.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Design

When the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is completely folded, it has a considerably larger exterior display than the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold’s was 4.6 inches, while the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s exterior is 6.2 inches. This makes the exterior display much easier to use than it was before, and you no longer have to open the device constantly to use it. The interior display of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is also larger at 7.6 inches, while the Galaxy Fold’s is 7.3 inches.

Samsung have also improved the build of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 compared to the Galaxy Fold, as the display is a more durable Ultra Thin Glass display (also found on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip). The screens have a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is great for a more seamless scrolling experience.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a heavier device than its predecessor, as it weighs 9.9 ounces rather than 9.48 ounces. This might make it less user friendly for some consumers, however this will be determined by personal preference.

In terms of colour options for the handset, your choices are either Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black. However, you have four different colour options for the hinge. These are Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Blue and Metallic Red.

A significant issue with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which is worth considering is that it does not have water resistance like many other flagship devices do. This will certainly cause issues if you are using the device outside while it is raining or if you drop it in water by accident. For a device that has a cost of almost £2000, you may want to reflect on whether buying a device without this feature is a wise choice.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Hinge

Samsung have improved the hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 through their use of sweeper technology to prevent dirt and dust particles from entering the handset. They have also installed a mechanism that allows you to position the screen at various angles; like the one found on the Galaxy Z Flip.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Specs

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will come with 5G and will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor with 12GB RAM. It also comes with a sizeable storage capacity of 256GB.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cameras

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with three different cameras with 12MP sensors, which are at the top left hand corner of the back of the handset. The primary lens is f/1.8, which means that it should be able to perform well in low-light. The other two lenses are a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide lens, which are the main lenses you would come to expect from a flagship device.


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