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Best Apps to Help You Switch to a Reusable Bottle and Drink More Water

Today is National Refill Day, a day that has been created to encourage us to stop using single-use plastic bottles. Despite the fact that the British public are generally more aware about how detrimental plastic can be to the environment, and are seeking to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic, the use of plastic water bottles has still been on the rise. It is therefore crucial that we switch to reusable alternatives to reduce the harmful impact that single-use plastic is having on the environment. Read on and discover some helpful apps that you can install on your smartphone which could help you to use a reusable bottle alternative more frequently.

Find Water Refill Stations on the Go

The Refill app enables users to find places to refill their bottles near to them. All you need to do is bring a reusable bottle out with you, then use the app to locate water stations nearby. This app not only tells you where the water stations are, but it also gives you the opportunity to add water stations that you may have found yourself, which benefits the wider community. For the forgetful, this app even has the nifty feature of being able set a reminder on your device to take your bottle with you when you leave your home.

Available on App Store and Google Play.

Drinking More Water

If you want to increase your daily water intake, we have a couple of suggestions of apps that you can use on either your iPhone or Android device.

My Water Balance

Available to iPhone users on the App store, My Water Balance encourages you to drink water more regularly, calculates your daily water intake, is able to sync with Apple Health, and will send you reminders to have another drink. You can also receive motivational awards, which makes what is normally a rather tedious activity into something fun and easy to form into a habit.

One key feature of this app which makes it stand out from the array of other similar apps available out there is that it gives you a recommended daily water intake based on certain individualised factors. These include gender, weight, activity level, climate and health. With these factors taken into consideration, you will have a more accurate idea of how much water you should be drinking each day.

Water Drink Reminder

If you are using an Android device, Water Drink Reminder might be a good option for you. This app also sends you reminders to tell you to drink more water, is able to sync with Google Fit, and can give you a recommended daily intake of water based on your weight. Simply update the app once you have had a glass of water, and the app will remind you when you need to have another one.

We can all benefit from drinking more water, as it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it saves us money. We would encourage you to form a habit of drinking water everyday if you can. All you need to do is ensure that you are using a reusable bottle alternative to take care of the environment as well as yourself.


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