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Top 5 Mobile Phones With The Best Battery Life

Mobile phones with the best battery life

Battery life is the most important feature of any modern mobile phone, it’s what powers it up for the day ahead. Most things nowadays have been integrated into our mobile phones, making them irreplaceable. Our mobile phone acts as a way of payment, communication and even an alarm to make sure we’re up every morning. So when this fails us, everything becomes very limited which is why we’ve put together a list of mobile phones with the best battery life in 2024. Find out which phones, ranging from iPhone to Xiaomi, have the largest battery that will get you through the day.

Phones With The Best Battery Life in 2024

When it comes to battery life, you should focus on looking at the capacity of the battery; the ‘mAh’ which is a unit of measurement used to describe how much power your phone’s battery can store and release over time. You should always check for the highest mAh or aim for 4000 mAh at a minimum as the bigger the capacity of the battery the longer it can stay without the need to recharge.  It’s also worth looking at the specifications on fast charging, battery consumption on standby as well as software features such as ‘low battery mode’ that are designed to improve battery life. Here are our top picks for the latest mobile phones with the best battery life in 2024:

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro - 6500 mAh of pure power

We are starting off strong with our first choice and although it may not be a popular pick in a generation of iPhone, Samsung and Pixel users, we think that Nubia Redmagic 9 Pro deserves the top spot in our 2024 lineup. The battery capacity is super impressive, offering 6500 mAh and 56 hours of power on standby which is much more than you can get with a regular flagship. Which, apart from the Energizer Hard Case P28K that packs a mammoth 28000 mAh battery, the Redmagic 9 Pro is an impressive device that has a battery that won’t weigh down your hand too much! The Redmagic 9 Pro is the perfect phone for gamers, streamers and those who enjoy travelling and do not have enough time to sit and charge their phone every few hours.

The Redmagic 9 Pro also supports fast charging of up to 80W and comes with a 80W GaN quick charger in the box. This means that your device will be able to go from 0-100% charge in under 35 minutes which is incredible. Not to mention that they have gone the extra mile and included a clear phone case too as a nice added touch. All of these features solidified its position as number 1 in our top 5 mobile phones with the best battery life and we think you’ll probably agree especially at a price of around £650.

Motorola Edge Plus (2023) - A 5100 mAh battery at an affordable price

The Motorola Edge Plus 2023 stood out to us due its impressive battery life and affordable price tag of around £400. It packs a hefty 5100 mAh battery, allowing it to consistently deliver a reliably long battery life on a single charge. Even from moderate use, it can last 40 hours on a single charge even whilst undertaking tasks such as browsing the internet, texting, calls and video streaming. You may even get away with lasting a full day whilst gaming excessively without having to recharge which is why the Motorola Edge Plus 2023 is our second choice and a leading contender for the mobile phone with the best battery life. Imagine how long it can last with these tips to improve the battery lifespan! Although the Motorola Edge Plus 2023 does not include the latest Snapdragon processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is still powerful and ensures battery optimisations do not sacrifice performance over having a good battery life.

Google Pixel 8 Pro - Great 5050 mAh battery, great processor

In third position, we have the Google Pixel 8 Pro with a large 5050 mAh battery capacity that delivers more than 24 hours of battery life and up to 72 hours of battery when using the Ultra Battery Saver feature. We think that this information alone is enough to tempt you to purchase this device, especially if you rely on your mobile phone’s battery life more than the average person. This device supports wireless charging of up to 23W which means that you don’t have to worry about being attached to an annoying cable when on the go. It is also equipped with the Google Tensor 3 which is bound to further boost the battery power.

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Large 4900 mAh battery, fast charging

Next up we have the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra which is a great phone all round and it certainly passed the battery life test. It’s part of the latest Galaxy S24 series and the only model to have reached the 5000 mAh battery capacity with the S24+ coming in at 4900 mAh and the S24 at 4000 mAh. The Galaxy S24 Ultra should last around 14 hours which is more than enough to get you through the day without having to worry about it dying when you need it most.  Samsung also offers manual controls over display refresh rate meaning that it can be set to up to 60Hz, making it less taxing on the battery. The S23 Ultra had an estimated usage time of 12 hours, coming in less than the S24 Ultra (14 hours), yet Samsung hasn’t improved the battery capacity since the S23 Ultra and remained at 5000 mAh. This means the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has done a great job in keeping the S24 Ultra powered up and supported throughout the day plus it also has a fast 45W wired charging speed.

iPhone 15 Pro Max - The iPhone with the best battery life

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is on our list but not one of our top contenders, mainly due to the fact that whilst the exact mAh battery capacity is not officially published by Apple, it is likely that it comes in at around 4422 mAh. With moderate use, the iPhone 15 Pro Max should last you around 14 hours which is a very impressive figure considering that it is the mobile phone with the smallest battery capacity on our list. With fast-charging capabilities, you will be able to get a 50% charge in 30 minutes using a 20W adapter. Apple's A17 chip provides fantastic power management which is exactly what the iPhone 15 Pro Max includes and makes up for the smaller battery size.

Like most smartphones on the market, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with battery optimising features which is certainly going to help with reducing wear and tear of your battery cell over time. The phone will learn your charging and usage habits so that when you plug your phone in, it will schedule when to stop charging, delaying a full charge until you need it, so that the charge cycles do not age the battery too quickly. You can also make use of the low power mode setting if your battery is running low and need it to last a little longer until you can charge it.


So there you have it, those are our 2024 top 5 mobile phones with long battery life. When purchasing your next device, you should make note of just a few features such as the mAh, battery optimisation options and which processor it includes. By focusing on this, it will ensure that you find the mobile phone best suited to your battery life needs. 


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