How To Summerproof Your Phone And Protect It From Heatwave

How To Summerproof Your Phone And Protect It From Heatwave

Warm weather is spreading across the UK and the "Beast From The East" seems like a distant memory now. Forecasts suggest the temperature might rise up to 35 °C this week and we will be baking from Tuesday onwards in Britian's hottest temperatures so far this year.

To stay cool put the big coats away and flip-flops are welcome (without the socks). But how we can keep our phones cool? There are no flip-flops for devices... Luckily, there are some tips to protect your phones from overheating.

Why to even bother?

Same as humans can get sunburn or dehydration, powerful smartphone components that are tighly packed in the body of your device are easily affected by weather conditions would it be cold or hot. As a result of constant exposure without protection to direct sun rays, your phone's performance can suffer and battery life might decrease. In very extreme conditions, the battery can catch fire.

Keep it cool


If you'd rather never see this message or if your phone warns you know how to fix this, few no nos to keep in mind and protect your device and yourself:

Avoid direct sunlight

If you leave your handset on the dashboard of your car on a hot day or next to the windows in direct sunlight, overheating can cause battery expansion or sensitive electronics can be damaged which will lead to phone being in non-working condition and costly repair might be required (if it's not too late).

Don't leaving unecessary programs on

Some devices are programed to turn off unecessary apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE automatically when initial warning message appears. Closing unneeded features can prevent your battery from overusage and not to heat up.

Carry devices together separately

A tablet, an iPhone, power bank, gameboy all in one bag? Bad move! Carrying your gadgets close to each other increases the chance of more heat produced. Make sure you keep them separate and enough air flow is allowed to each device.

Don't cool it down too fast

As soon as you see a warning message, your reaction might be to rush and chunck your phone in the coldest place you can find (a bucket of ice or freezer?). That's a no no. Speeding the cooling down process can initiate condensation to get trapped under the hood of your phone and lead to water damage.

How to prevent overheating

Luckily, there are thermal protection cases and accessories for smarthpones on Amazon and eBay. Particularly cases by Salt or PHOOZY companies will do the job. Unfortunately, they are not as pretty as other covers, but most essentially they will resist the heat and that's what they are needed for. There is also AnTuTu app available for you to monitor your battery temperature.

Stay safe

All in all, the tips mentioned above are not something complicated and once you are aware of the steps to take, you won't end up doing a hundred pound mistake. If your phone does overheat and battery leaks, you can still recycle your device and visit our refurb comparison to see all options to purchase like-new, nice and cold phone.



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