Can you believe that it's almost June? Forecasts suggest that summer will kick off with temperatures rising to 26°C this weekend. It's time to put your winter coats away and get your sandals out.

We all know what measures to take to protect ourselves from getting too hot: sun cream, hats, flip flops and staying hydrated. But how can we protect our phones from overheating? If you don't know the answer, no worries, as we have some tips that you can follow to help your phone survive a heatwave.

Why Does It Matter?

Whether it's hot or cold, our devices can be easily affected by weather conditions much like how we can get sunburnt or dehydrated if protective measures are ignored. Tightly packed and powerful smartphone components inside a smartphone if exposed to direct sun rays can cause the performance and battery life of the device to decrease. The battery could even ignite if the device is continuously exposed to extreme temperatures.

Keep Your Phone Protected with These Tips

Have you ever seen this message on your phone's screen?

If the answer is yes, then you know that while your phone cools down, you can't use it. If you'd rather avoid seeing this warning pop up on your phone, here are steps you need to take to prevent this from happening:

Do Not Leave Your Phone Exposed to Direct Sunlight

Leaving your phone on your car's dashboard, next to a window on a hot day or sitting on the table in direct exposure to sunlight can damage your phone's battery. Each time your phone gets overheated, your battery's lifetime shortens and you will notice that it's not as long-lasting as it was before.

Close Unnecessary Apps and Programmes

Smartphones these days have an automated feature to shut down apps that are running in the background. However, if you have an older device, you might want to consider closing unused apps. This can prevent your RAM from getting overused therefore lowering the risk of phone getting too hot.

Do Not Carry Multiple Devices Together

A power bank, a phone and a Kindle all packed and carried around in one bag? It's a no-no. During warm weather, we should avoid carrying multiple devices tightly packed in a single bag as not enough air flow will circulate which will cause additional heat to be produced.

What to Do If Overheating Occurs

Whatever you do, do not put your phone in a bucket of ice or a freezer. A better solution would be to fan it. You can also place your phone in a shadow or take it indoors to let it cool down on its own, because speeding up the cooling down process could cause condensation to become trapped inside the device, which would result in components becoming water damaged and rusty in the future.  

Stay Cool

You might be working on your tan, but your phone definitely isn't. Our tips might seem like common-sense to you, however it can be all too easy to forget about your phone when you're soaking up the sun. Just being in the know about how heat impacts our devices can prevent your iPhone or Android device from having permanent damage. If you want to be even more protective, there are various thermal protection accessories available online that you can buy help your smartphone to beat the heat.