Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is happening this weekend, a day which each year presents the same conundrum: 'What should I buy my dad for Father's Day?' Your dad might be nonchalant about receiving a gift, but ultimately it is always good to show our dads how much they mean to us. So what exactly should you buy? You could opt for a pair of socks or pack of beers, or you could get something that your dad will really enjoy. Here at Compare and Recycle, we have three suggestions of tech gadgets which could inspire you in your Father's Day gift hunt.


Your dad probably already has a smartphone, so why not go for an accessory which can be paired with it- a smartwatch. One reason why smartwatches are useful is that they can be used to see notifications on your wrist instantly, which is very efficient. You might receive an urgent message, and if your smartphone is tucked away in a pocket or in a bag somewhere, you would not see the notification until later. They can also accept or decline calls while activating the phone's speaker and microphone/headphones for you to start talking, which is a useful feature for driving. Apple have even made it possible for users to use their smartwatch to get through airport security, which is very handy for jetsetters. If your dad likes to be efficient and is wowed by the prospect of wearable tech, then a smartwatch might be a good option.

Smart Speaker

If smart watches are not what you are looking for, then why not consider a smart speaker instead? Smart home technology has been an exciting development within the tech industry, allowing users to control and monitor connected home devices at the tap of an app or at the utterance of a command. One such device which has really taken off in recent years is the smart speaker, a wireless speaker with a hands-free functionality that responds to voice commands. Whether you want to check the weather, adjust the lighting or request 'relaxing music', smart speakers really do it all. There are numerous brands to choose from that sell smart speakers, from the low-budget end right up to the more premium devices.

Shower Speaker

Perhaps smartwatches and smart speakers are out of your budget, and you were actually hoping for something a little cheaper. If so, we have the ideal gift suggestion for you. Does your dad regularly listen to music, radio or the news? If the answer is yes, go for a shower speaker. These devices are waterproof and able to connect with compatible smartphones or tablets, are sturdy in the event of a fall and they have a great battery life on just a single charge. Do not let their small sizes fool you- the sounds they produce can be surprisingly loud with excellent audio performance.

If you are truly stuck for ideas, then you can always do a simple declutter of your dad's unused tech. For example, the money that you receive from selling your own tech could go towards a summer activity that your dad really loves. Maybe you do want to go for a pair of socks and a pack of beers after all, but make sure you use the money from your old devices to fund it.

Cover image by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash


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