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Christmas Tree Recycling With Heart Of Kent Hospice

Christmas tree recycling 2024

Just like our old phones can be recycled and used for parts to make other phones, Christmas trees can be recycled too! Compare and Recycle are proudly in partnership with Heart of Kent Hospice to support those experiencing terminal illnesses or going through bereavement by joining their real Christmas tree recycling initiative. Do you have a real Christmas tree and are thinking about how you can recycle it easily once the new year comes? Well, we’ve got some good news! Did you know that your real Christmas tree can be shredded into tiny chippings and recycled or composted? Even better news is that the Heart of Kent Hospice and some amazing volunteers will be collecting real Christmas trees between Friday 5th and Sunday 7th of January 2024.

What Is The Heart Of Kent Christmas Tree Recycling 2024?

If you have a real pine, spruce or fir Christmas tree that needs to be recycled, then by simply booking your slot, you can have it collected by Heart of Kent Hospice and their incredible volunteers equipped with a fleet of vans. You can secure your slot by making a suggested donation of £15 when booking and afterwards, simply leave your real Christmas tree on your driveway or at your front gate to be collected! This is an incredible initiative and last year Heart of Kent Hospice managed to recycle more than 600 real Christmas trees and raised over £7000. If this isn’t motivation for this year then we don’t know what is!

Collections are available to book for Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of January 2024, so if you are a resident within the boroughs of Maidstone and Tonbridge & Malling, then Heart of Kent Hospice can collect your real Christmas trees from the following postcodes: ME14, ME15 6, ME16 7, ME15 8, ME16, ME20, TN11 9, TN12 5, TN15 7, TN15 8 and TN15 9.

For more information, visit the Heart Of Kent Hospice website.

By letting us help you to recycle your real Christmas trees, the donations that we receive mean we can continue to provide exceptional care to people living with a terminal illness in our community. Making a difference at one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Heart Of Kent Hospice

What Part Does Compare and Recycle Play In This?

Christmas and mobile phones have a lot in common. Both can be recycled, and mobile phones always are one of the most wanted holiday gifts and many of us will be lucky to find a new phone under the tree this Christmas. Compare and Recycle is on track to prevent a whopping 35 tonnes of mobile phones from becoming e-waste in 2023 alone, and to add to this milestone we decided to support a great initiative to encourage people to recycle their Christmas trees after the festivities. Not only is this an important step in encouraging sustainability throughout the holiday season, but also being an aid for those living with a terminal illness or experiencing bereavement through our donation to Heart of Kent Hospice.

Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones With Compare and Recycle

At Compare and Recycle, we’re on a journey to make phone recycling easy and accessible, and we’re excited to add Christmas trees to it this year bundled with support for Heart of Kent Hospice. Just like we help you recycle your old phones, this campaign allows us to extend our support to the environment and those in need. It’s recycling, sustainability and charity support all wrapped up in one festive package making a positive impact on Maidstone - one tree and one phone at a time!

Antonia Hristov - Marketing, Manager Compare and Recycle

So, if you want to make sure your real Christmas tree has a heartwarming farewell and want to give a donation for a good cause, then make sure you book your slot now in preparation for the start of January. As for the phones or other devices you want to recycle, you don't need to go far - Compare and Recycle has plenty of recyclers you can pick from and sell your tech but also give your wallet a boost after the Christmas period!


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