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Compare Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the bigger brother of the S9, but as is typical Samsung fashion slightly improved specifications, such as more RAM, the bigger screen, but perhaps most significantly, a telephoto lens, the S9 Plus was a highly celebrated device on release.

But with the market leading specifications, came an extremely high retail price, meaning it was out of the reach of a lot of people, the device still market at the high end, so buying refurbished is a great option for people wanting to buy and S9+ for less.

Why buy a refurbished Galaxy S9 Plus?

Fist of all, you will save a significant amount off the retail price of a new device, saving over 50% in some cases, seriously bringing down the price of buying a new device compared to buying new, or on contract where you are charged interest for the cost of the device over the course of the contract length. Where you can buy the device for a much lower price and some retailers even offer 0% interest where the payment is split over three months. Combine this with a sim-only contract, and you have just made huge savings.

You can rest assured the device has been professionally restored to as close to new condition as possible. The refurbisher may have replaced a degraded battery or replaced a chipped screen or back, and you can be sure that all the internal components have been checked working before being listed as ready to sell. One equally important factor is that by buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+, you are also doing your bit for the environment, by curbing the demand for the production of new devices and all the carbon emissions associated with mining, production and transportation. We will always encourage choosing refurbished because of the substantial environmental benefit of doing so.

Why use Compare and Recycle to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+

Compare and Recycle compare the most refurb retailers out of any comparison site, giving you the widest selection of operators generally gives you the best chance of finding the deal for the right capacity and in the colour you wanted, in the condition you are happy with. All of the retailers on our site offer a warranty and returns policy.