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OnePlus are new to the smartphone market when compared to their competitors, as they were established in 2013. However, they have quickly built themselves a loyal following and established themselves in the UK market. Many of their fans credit the company’s success to the flagship devices having many features of the premium devices on the market, but at a cheaper price.

The OnePlus’ range has been mostly affordable; however, they are starting to increase their prices in line with their growing popularity. For instance, the OnePlus 7 Pro cost £649 for the 128GB version when it first came out. As some of the OnePlus devices have become more expensive, you will want to try and get one for cheaper. This is where purchasing a smartphone that has had a refurbishment comes in. If you choose a refurbished OnePlus device, this could decrease the price to almost half. Furthermore, this is an option which will be more beneficial to the environment. Buying refurbished reduces the demand for OnePlus to manufacture a new device and purchasing this phone will prevent it from unnecessarily getting disposed of on a landfill site.