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Google Pixel 3A XL

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Pixel 3A XL


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Compare Refurbished Pixel 3A XL Deals

In true Google fashion, and on trend with all modern devices, an XL version of the phone is released at the same time as the original, it comes with the same internal specifications as the original 3A, but with a bigger 6-inch OLED screen and a 3700mAh battery. Other specs include 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM, 670 Snapdragon and the same great camera as Pixel 3 allowing you to take stunning pictures for a more accessible price.

Why should you Buy a Refurbished Google Pixel 3A XL

Apart from the few improvements to the internal specifications of the XL range, the device was still expensive at just shy of £500, making it out of reach to buy SIM free, and leaving many people to be lumped with expensive contracts that factor interest into the purchase of the device. Buying refurbished allows you to save up to 60% off the retail price and it allows you to choose your own SIM only contract, meaning you get the best deal that suits your needs.

When you buy a refurbished device, you are also doing your bit for the environment, the Google 3A XL has fairly low emissions compared to premium models and especially compared to the iPhone, but production and transportation of a new device is still expected to expel around 40KG of carbon emissions. By buying a pre-owned Pixel 3A you are curbing the demand for new devices and saving carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Using Compare and Recycle to Buy a Refurbished Google Pixel 3A XL

You can find yourself the phone you want for less by comparing refurbished deals on Compare and Recycle, we have different retailers that have different levels of stock in different conditions so you are likely to find the phone you like in the condition that you want. A ‘Good’ condition device may have signs of usage, whereas a ‘pristine’ device will have that new phone feel when you open the box.