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Compare Refurbished Google Pixel 2 XL Deals

The Google Pixel 2 XL is the bigger version of the Pixel 2 range, released in the same year of 2017, boasting the same great camera module and internal specifications but in a bigger body. The device was criticised for looking a little dated as full screen devices were becoming more common, but where the Pixel maybe lacked in aesthetics, it made up in a camera and usability in stock Android that was unrivalled at the time.

The top of the line Pixel 2 XL came with a top of the line retail price at release, and now it’s a couple years further down the line, you can get the device that has specifications that still holds up particularly well a few years later, at least compared to budget devices that will have similar prices, especially when Google continues to provide security updates for their own devices.

Why Buy a Refurbished Google Pixel 2 XL

Of course, the Pixel 2 XL at the time was up there as one of the most expensive phones you could buy. This priced a lot of people out of buying the device, or they were kept in long contracts where you pay over and above the value of the phone in interest. Just waiting that short while longer waiting for pre-owned Pixel 2 XL phones to go through recycling and refurb channels means someone can get the device for a huge reduction in price.

There is a huge environmental benefit of buying a refurbished phone, as you are curbing the demand for new devices and as such all the mining, production and transportation that accounts for around 80% of the emissions of a mobile phone are negated just by choosing a refurbished device. So not only are you saving money, you are doing your bit for the environment too.

Why use Compare and Recycle to Buy A Pre-Owned Pixel 2XL Phone

When you buy refurbished, you are not buying a pre-owned phone where the responsibility of cleaning and deleting personal data falls to the individual, you are buying a device that has gone through a rigorous process of cleaning and checks and in some cases replacement parts. What you can be sure of is that the device is checked thoroughly and comes with the same warranty.