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Compare Refurbished Google Pixel 2 Deals

The Google Pixel 2 had at the time, the very best camera module for taking photos and video, working alongside camera software that was mooted as the very best. Despite the device looking a little dated for a 2017 release with the large bezels, the premium water resistant body, full HD screen and top of the line specs put this phone firmly at the top of the phones released that year.

A refurbished Pixel 2 allows you to get this top of the line phone a couple years after release for over 80% cheaper than the retail price at release. The specifications still seem to hold up rather well and Google promises to support the device for up to 3 years and are committed to providing security updates for even longer.

Why buy a refurbished Pixel 2?

When you choose to buy a refurbished device, you are going to be saving a huge amount of money on the retail price, and as you can get the device unlocked from any network and SIM-free which offers many price advantages over a contract device as you are then free to choose your own contract and much more favourable contract terms.

The other main advantage of buying a refurbished Pixel 2 is that you are curbing the demand for new resources to fabricate new devices, the production of these new devices take up the lion's share of the carbon emissions of a device. Up to 90% of the CO2-e is caused during the mining, production and transportation of a device, so by buying refurbished, you are doing your bit for the environment. ### Why Use Compare and Recycle to Buy a Refurbished Google Pixel 2?

Finding the best offer on the market for the phone you want is easy on Compare and Recycle, as you can quite simply select the condition, colour and capacity and browse the different retailers that have a second hand Pixel 2 in stock for the selection that you choose. Because we have so many retailers on the website, you are more likely to get the phone you want for less.