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Compare Refurbished iPhone XS Deals

The iPhone XS was an expensive device when it was first released, as it was a staggering £999 back in 2018 for the 64GB version. If you use our comparison tool, you should be able to look at our selection of refurbished phones to find a refurbished iPhone XS which will be much cheaper as it has previously been used by another person. This is because our site allows you to find the best deal by displaying recycling companies’ offers on the market.

Although many Apple users have a tendency to simply overlook the high price of flagship devices in the name of purchasing an iconic brand, £999 is not a realistic amount of money to be spending on a mobile phone for many of us. This is why we would recommend buying a refurbished iPhone XS if this is the model you want to get. On our site, you can save up to 50% off the total cost of the device, if you choose a device in a less than perfect condition.

Why Use Compare and Recycle to Buy a Refurbished iPhone XS?

The first reason why you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone XS is because of the financial benefit. The prospect of saving money is a good enough motivating factor on its own, but there is also the environmental factor to consider as well.

If you decide to buy a refurbished product instead of a brand new one, you will be doing your part to protect the environment by keeping a working mobile phone in circulation and out of landfill to become e-waste which is detrimental to the environment.

There is also the option to get a device which is classified as ‘new’ or ‘like new’ which reduces the need to get a brand new model even further. There is also the 12 month warranty that the recyclers on our site offer, which should reassure you.

Why choose the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS was an incremental upgrade over the “X” that came out in 2017, which included improved speakers, a camera setup with smart HDR technology, superior battery management, wireless charging capability, a more powerful processor, as well as being water and dust resistant.

It also comes with a higher RAM than the XR if this is something that is important to you (4GB as opposed to 3GB). We would also recommend that you choose an Apple device if you are already in the Apple ecosystem, as all your information can be synchronised.