Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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About the Apple iPhone 6S Plus

With a 5.5 inch screen, full HD display and decent camera for day to day use, this iPhone model is still one of the most popular Apple products available. Available with up to 128GB of storage and with a sleek and rounded metal body, this device is both practical and premium.

Refurbished Phones: What Do They Offer for Buyers?

Choosing a refurbished phone is a viable option for a number of reasons. Firstly, refurbished phones will set you back less cash than their brand new counterparts. Buy your refurbished iPhone 6S PLus from a renowned seller and you won’t know the difference.

Secondly, when a phone is refurbished, it is put through a series of tests and checks and any defects or malfunctions are sorted out. It is then either repacked with its original accessories or given a new box and seal. Phones that are sold straight from the Apple factories do not receive the same level of care and individual testing to make sure that they function correctly.

Another reason to choose refurbished when purchasing your iPhone 6S Plus is that it is a more environmentally-friendly choice. As the device is not straight from the factory, it is a recycled good, and therefore has a smaller carbon footprint than its brand new equivalent.