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About the Apple iPhone 6

The Apple iPhone offers a dramatic upgrade from previous iPhone models. In line with all incarnations of the iPhone, Apple have added some exciting new features to this version, as well as upgraded features from older models. Featuring a dramatic change in screen size, resolution and colour reproduction, as well as improved battery efficiency and the use of more Focus Pixels, for faster focus and higher quality photography. Thinking of buying the iPhone 6? A refurbished phone is a great option for many buyers.

What Exactly Does ‘Refurbished’ Mean?

When you buy a phone, you have the option of purchasing a refurbished version, for an often significantly reduced price. When a phone is refurbished it means it has either been returned to the vendor for repair and then been resold, or simply sold on from a previous owner at almost new, but not quite factory level, condition.

Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Phone

Many customers choose to buy refurbished phones because they are cheaper, often significantly, than the brand-new version. You may have to wait a period before the latest models become available in refurbished form, but for many customers the potential savings can make it worth the wait.

Choosing to buy a refurbished iPhone 6 is also a small move that could make a big difference to the planet: buying refurbished keeps an old device out of the landfill.

Ensure you buy from a certified seller, and that you choose a phone with a warranty, to protect you from any problems that could arise in future.