Apple iPhone 5S

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About the Apple iPhone 5S

Besides being the first iPhone to feature luxurious new colour options (including rose-gold - what’s not to like?), the iPhone 5S boasts a faster system and better battery life than any of its predecessors. Other exciting features of the 5S include the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, upgraded camera with added slow motion option, and an A7 chip which improves CPU and graphics performance.

Why Buy Refurbished iPhone 5S?

Refurbished devices fill the smartphone market. Increasingly, with all the choice of devices available to them, customers are choosing the refurbished version, but why?

Refurbished devices are those that have been returned due to a defect and repaired, or simply resold onto a new owner after they have been purchased new. A refurbished phone make also have been used as a test model or used in store as a demo product. Sellers are not allowed to label their devices ‘New’ unless they are unopened in their original packaging. This means that many devices sold as ‘Refurbished’ are in fact very close to their original state, and must undergo a series of thorough checks to make sure they are fully functional and often like new in appearance.

A refurbished iPhone 5S device offer a lower price tag and a smaller carbon footprint. Refurbished devices are often available contract-free and unlocked to allow greater flexibility for the buyer.