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Compare Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Deals

The iPhone 12 Pro was released mid coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty and furlough was at its peak, so you may have been forgiven for not choosing to buy one on release. However, now that more refurbished devices are becoming available on the secondary market, your patience has paid off because now you can buy a refurbished iPhone Pro for much cheaper than the price of a brand new one.

Unlike buying new, you have a different choice of conditions of device to buy, so combined with capacity and colour, there could be up to 48 combinations of refurbished devices. This may feel overwhelming but we’d suggest not being picky for a specific colour (you should put a case on it anyway) and go for the lower, more environmentally friendly, capacity model.

Why Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

When the new iPhone gets released, the “Pro” version of the previous version traditionally gets discontinued from the official Apple store. Because they are discontinued, retailers and network shops keep the price quite high for these completely unused devices. But as the new device comes out and people upgrade, iPhone 12 Pro devices will come through the system, upgraded from and usually well looked after (who doesn't look after a £1000+ phone??) devices become available through our comparison.

You will save a considerable amount per year by trading in as soon as you upgrade and upgrading to a refurbished phone, the cash benefit can easily be upwards of £500 as opposed to upgrading to new and wasting away your phone's trade-in value. One of the most important reasons to upgrade to a refurbished one is the environmental benefit of doing so. You will be reducing the demand for new materials and making a statement that second-hand is perfectly suitable for almost all cases.

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