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Compare Refurbished iPhone 12 Deals

The iPhone 12 is the Pandemic Phone of choice, it was released at the height of the worldwide lockdown and with so much uncertainty, you would have been forgiven for not choosing to buy it from new. But now we have many more merchants stocking refurbished iPhone 12’s and you can pick one up in practically new condition for a fairly sizable percentage off of the official store.

Main Reason to Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 - It’s Cheaper!

Paying full price for any mobile device these days is for the un-savvy consumer. That new-phone-feel is just the same with a refurbished device as the second you have it out of the box, it’s your new sidekick and best friend and all its history of being a pre-owned device is forgotten.

The Environmental Reason to Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12

A refurbished iPhone 12 in pristine condition will be practically indistinguishable from a new one, but at a considerably cheaper price. And when you buy refurbished, you are also not feeding the demand for mining brand new raw materials and the transportation, you can read more about the environmental impact of an iPhone or dig deeper into the environmental reports of the iPhone 12.

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