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Compare Refurbished iPhone 11 Deals

Buying one of the latest iPhones might be beyond reach for a lot of people, but there is a way you can buy an iPhone 11 for cheap, and that is to buy a refurbished iPhone 11 with up to 50% reduction than buying a brand new.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 11?

Why should you pay full price for a new device when you can buy a refurbished iPhone 11 in just as perfect condition for a considerable discount. You’ll be saving a phone from landfill and doing your bit for the environment, and whilst you might not get the original packaging (depending on the retailer) you will get the same 12 month warranty.

The phones sold through the retailers on Compare and Recycle thoroughly refurbish all the devices which means they have given it a good cosmetic clean inside and out, checked all the components and where necessary, have replaced the screen or battery. No battery is sold below a capacity of 80%.

Is buying a refurbished iPhone 11 as good as brand new?

During the process of refurbishing an iPhone 11, the retailer will cosmetically fix any component that needs fixing, so depending on the condition of the refurbished iPhone 11 that you buy, there may or may not be any physical scrapes and scratches on the device itself, but these won’t affect the functionality in any way and any replacement parts would be of official quality.

You can be assured that a refurbished device comes with the same great features as buying new, with the dual cameras featuring an ultra wide camera and the very latest A13 bionic chip.

Compare our vast range of refurbished iPhone 11 deals varying between the colour, capacity and condition grade to find the deal that best suits your budget. You won’t be disappointed.