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Why Buy Refurbished?

Buying new or part of a contract is not always cost effective. It might be time to consider buying a refurbished phone for your next upgrade. We summarise the positives and negatives and what you can expect buying a second-hand mobile phone.

Save Money

Save up to 50% on the price of a brand-new handset. The cost is also saved over the course of a contract as refurbished phones are sold contract free.

Quality assured and tested

Refurbished devices go through extensive quality control and testing. Faults are fixed, screens are replaced and guaranteed!

Long warranty and guarantee

In the unlikely event that your phone goes faulty, your refurbished handset will be covered by a warranty of up to 12 months. (That’s the same offered for new phones!)

Feels like a brand new phone

The phone is wiped using military grade software and reset to factory settings, so it will feel like a brand new phone when you first switch it on.

Better for the environment

The environmental impact of a refurbished phone is going to be significantly lower than a newly manufactured handset.

Pristine or slightly used

You can choose between a device that will be “like new” with no marks or a “good condition” refurbished handset with signs of use with some light wear and tear to save additional money.

What you can expect when buying a refurbished mobile phone

  • Phones come with charging cable

  • The phone's old data will be completely wiped and will be as new

  • A full 12 month warranty

  • Contract free


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Refurbished phone conditions explained

New Comes with the original box, in perfect condition and with new and unused peripherals.

Pristine Shows no signs of use and is in excellent working order.

Very Good Excellent condition with very minor wear and tear.

Good Listed as “moderate signs of wear”, often a case is enough to cover up the marks but the phone will still be fully functional and in excellent working order.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best site for refurbished phones?
The prices of refurbished phones vary from retailer to retailer online, so using Compare and Recycle™ will help you to find the best deal for a refurbished iPhone or Android. Our website is the best at comparing a great range of refurbished phones from a variety of reputable UK retailers so you know for sure you’re not paying more for the phone you want.
Can refurbished phones be trusted?
Refurbished phones sold by official retailers on Compare and Recycle™ come with warranty and have been graded, tested and refurbished to the highest standard to ensure full functionality. So you can be certain you’re getting yourself a quality phone without spending a fortune. Additionally, you can always return the phone if you're unhappy with your purchase and get a replacement or a refund.
Do refurbished phones last long?
Refurbished phones remain supported by manufacturer software and security updates for the same time period as when buying new. Meaning your refurbished phone will receive manufacturer updates for as long as the model is supported. Before being resold, refurbished phones are put through rigorous testing to ensure full functionality according to original specifications and are sold under warranty. In case something goes wrong with your phone, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
What are the pros of refurbished phones?
Firstly, you get the recent Samsung or Apple models for at least 20% cheaper than brand new. Secondly, you are helping the environment by reusing a phone that has already been manufactured. Lastly, there is hardly any risk because refurbished phones come with a warranty that protects your purchase just like buying a brand new phone would.
What are the cons of refurbished phones?
Refurbished phones tend to vary in their conditions depending on the retailer. It means that those in Pristine or Excellent condition would look as good as new, whilst phones in Good condition may have a few scratches or other light signs of wear. Additionally, refurbished phones come in non-manufacturer packaging and may not include some of the accessories that are typically found in the box with a new phone such as headphones or a charging adapter.