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Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

To the right we list our Top Recommended Deal and below that we show all the mobile phone recyclers who will pay you to recycle your old Nokia mobile phone.

Sell your Nokia Lumia 520

Released April 2013Operating System Windows Phone 8Display  4 inchesCamera 5MPProcessor Dual-core 1.0 GHz RAM 512MBBattery 1,430 mAh

Do you have an old Nokia Lumia 520 lurking somewhere in a drawer? While this Windows powered phone was a very popular choice for people looking for an entry level smartphone, there's no doubt that most people will have replaced this phone with something more powerful once they'd got the smartphone bug. However, this still remains a great little phone if you're looking for an extremely cheap and cheerful second phone, or maybe one to give to your children. In recognition that this phone was inexpensive to buy when new, its second-hand value reflects that and indeed you may be somewhat disappointed to learn that you're unlikely to get anywhere near what you paid for it.

While we've put together a comparison chart for phone recycling companies who are happy to buy your Nokia Lumia 520, it is true to say that the prices are not going to have you jumping around with joy. However, if you do decide to recycle through one of our phone recyclers listed here, you'll still get a little something, it won't cost you anything to send your phone to them, and you'll be recycling your phone responsibly too. If you do have an unwanted phone, please don't just throw it in the bin; the poisons and contaminants found in mobile phones are extremely toxic and harmful. By sending it to a recycler, you'll not only be doing your bit for the environment but it will enable people who don't have a lot of money to spend on mobile phones to acquire what is a pretty decent phone (after all you chose to buy it at some point) at a very affordable price. Not only does it have a camera, but it comes complete with Nokia's Music app, voice-guided navigation and, a display that can be used with gloves on - which is a big advantage as you can verify if you've ever tried to use your phone in the middle of winter.

Selling your Nokia Lumia 520 to a phone recycler couldn't be easier. Just choose the deal that best suits you and simply hit the 'sell this phone' button. They'll take your details and then send you their pre-paid packaging, so as you can see, it won't cost you a penny. The payment can be paid direct into your bank or Paypal account or you can opt to receive vouchers (usually at a slightly higher monetary value) instead.