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Sell your Nokia mobile phone

There was a time were Nokia was the most popular mobile phone brand on the planet. They've struggled to keep up in the age of smartphones but the Lumia series are great phones and if you're after a Windows Phone device then they're usually your best option. While models like the Nokia 3310 and Nokia N95 were huge sellers recent efforts have fallen short in the sales department but globally Nokia still shift a lot of phones every year. If the time has come to replace your trusty Nokia then take a look at our comparison and see how much you can sell it to a phone recycler for.

Just enter your model in the search box above or find it in the list below and we'll show you a comparison of all the prices we have for that phone. Sell you Nokia phone to a recycler to turn your old phone into cash quickly and easily. Nokia phones usually aren't as sought after as popular devices like the iPhone or Galaxy S series so you won't always find a seller as readily but phone recyclers list their prices and will buy your Nokia right away. More recent Nokia models fetch well in excess of £100 which is not to be sniffed at.


Compare prices to sell your Nokia phone

They were once the most popular phone brand on the planet and although they don't look like repeating the success of the Nokia 3310 any time soon they still produce great phones and sell millions of them every year. They were already the biggest support of Windows Phone when Microsoft took over the company and it comes as no surprise that since then they've continued to be the biggest backer of Windows mobiles. If you've got a new phone then you've probably quickly forgotten all about your old one but the quicker you sell your old Nokia the more it will be worth. The price of most electronics just keeps going down so the longer you hold on the less money you will get for your Nokia.

You can use our site to compare prices for your Nokia and find the recycler who will give you the most money for your old phone. Why mess around writing out a listing on a site like eBay when you can just go straight to a phone buyer will give you a price immediately and in many cases pay you within a day or two of receiving your phone? A phone recycler is already the easiest option when selling your phone but when you consider that by using our comparison you'll also be making sure you're getting the best price too you're definitely onto a winner! One of the best things about phone recyclers is that they'll still pay cash for broken or non-working phones, you won't get the full price but in many cases you'd be hard pushed to find anyone else who would want to buy your phone if it's damaged.

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