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Nokia 8800 Arte

Nokia 8800 Arte

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Sell your Nokia 8800 Arte

Released December 2007Display 2.0 inchesCamera 3MP RAM 512MBBattery 1,000 mAh

The Nokia 8800 Arte may be over 8 years old, but this phone still has a decent second-hand value for a phone of this age. That's probably something to do with the fact that on its release it cost a pretty penny, but this reflected the fact that it was built with a high-quality stainless steel body and came with a OLED display. It also offered great 3G capability and a large internal memory amongst its myriad of features, and so could afford to have such a high retail price. However, as with all good things, they must come to an end, and despite its high original price tag, this phone can no longer compete with the technologically advanced models on the market today. Therefore, we suspect that if you did buy one of the Nokia 8800 Arte series, it's long since been confined to a dark corner somewhere.

However, if you're looking to sell your Nokia 8800 Arte, you'll find that several phone recycling companies are in the market to buy it off you, and give you a good price considering its age. So it's worth your while selling your old Arte to a phone recycling company, rather than hanging onto it until it's worth nothing at all. As you can imagine, it's unlikely that the value of your second-hand phone will go up, in fact it's more likely to go down the longer you hang onto it. Plus, it's far less hassle than trying to sell it via an online auction site as you simply have to choose the best deal for you from our comparison chart, and follow the online instructions. There's no photos to take, no listings to compose, no watching auctions and dealing with queries, simply send your details to your chosen recycle company and they'll send you all the packaging you need to send your Arte to them, and they'll pay the postage too.

Sounds like a good deal? You bet it is. So take a look at what's on offer. Check out the prices, the payment options and how long they'll take to pay out. You can see that the whole process is very simple, making it one of the best ways to sell your Nokia 8800 Arte online today.