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Nokia 8


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How Do I Sell my Nokia 8?

Selling your Nokia 8 today is easier than ever, just go ahead and pick one of the merchants above based on their Trustpilot rating or the services they have on offer to receive your device. And then fill out the order form, and just like that a day or so later you will get a pack to send your device to them.

When is the best time to Sell your Nokia 8?

The Nokia 8 was a return to form from the Scandinavian mobile phone company, and if you had one, you probably enjoyed an extra year support and OS upgrades than most others. But these only last so long and now the phone is no longer supported, it is time to get it traded in, either for some cash, or some peace of mind that the phone will be responsibly recycled.

What will happen after I recycle my Nokia 8?

Keeping the device in the cycle is the best way to prevent it from reaching landfill, the merchant can properly refurbish it, replace parts that may now be broken, or in the very worst case they can ensure the product is recycled and all valuable rare earth materials recovered.

Can I Sell My Broken Nokia 8?

It’s very difficult to recoup much value for a broken Nokia 8 phone, if there are some merchants offering a price for the broken phone, then yes absolutely you’ll be able to get some token amount of cash back, but if not, then that shouldn’t discourage you, your drawer or the tip isn’t going to pay you for it either. Get that phone to a merchant so they can recycle and the rare earth elements can be recovered.

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