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HTC Wildfire S

HTC Wildfire S

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Sell your HTC Wildfire S

Released May 2011Operating System Android 2.3Display 3.2 inches Camera 5MPProcessor 600MHz ARM 11RAM 512MBBattery 1,230 mAh

The HTC Wildfire S was released back in 2011 to satisfy the needs of consumers looking for all the features of its larger siblings but in a mini sized handset. Not only did it come in a range of colours to attract the younger generation, but its friendly compact size seemed to fit the bill perfectly for those who preferred their droid in a small package. However, while the dimensions of the device may have been reduced, HTC managed to keep the same 3.2 inch screen to the great relief of HTC fans. The phone itself ran the latest Android Gingerbread, and both the display and the video capture were upgraded, to create an inexpensive android handset with some of the Flagship premium features.

While the HTC Wildfire S certainly appealed to the younger generations, and particularly the ladies, it is true to say that there's very little demand right now for this particular model, therefore it's not able to command a decent price in the second-hand mobile market. However, phone recycling companies are still happy to take this dinky little device off your hands and give you a bit of pocket money into the bargain. Take a look at our comparison chart for phone recycling companies who are prepared to buy your old HTC Wildfire S. You'll see that while prices aren't high, it doesn't actually cost you a penny to send your phone to them, and you'll be doing all that you can to ensure that your old phone is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Many people don't realise that mobile phones contain contaminants and poisons, meaning that you can't just toss them in the household trash.

By sending your old phone to a phone recycling company, you're not only doing your little bit to save the environment, but you'll get a couple of quid too. Most of our phone recyclers will pay out as soon as they receive your phone, plus they'll send you everything you need in order to package up your handset and send it to them. So, if you've got an old HTC Wildfire S hanging around, why not hit the 'sell now' button, and take the first steps to recycling your old phone in a responsible way?