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Taiwan-based HTC has been consistently ranked as one of the best performing technology companies in Asia. It produced the first Microsoft powered smartphone and smart music phone and continues to design mobiles that are sleek, user-friendly and strong competition for the Apple iPhone. Multitasking models like the Desire have sharp-quality AMOLED displays and are worth top sterling to our recyclers at Compare and Recycle. Other popular models like the Hero and the Legend are also in demand, as they are powerful social networking tools. Also, by recycling your phone, you’re helping to protect the earth from toxins emitted from unused electronics.

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HTC made a name for themselves producing some of the best Windows Mobile devices on the market through the 2000s but they didn't become a household name until the HTC Dream was released as the T-Mobile G1 and became the first Android phone. In the years since HTC have been one of the top Android manufacturers and one of the most popular producers of Windows Phone devices too. Devices such as the HTC One have not only been well reviewed but also sold well and really put HTC on the map. Even if you love your HTC the time comes when an upgrade is due and you switch to a new phone, when that happens make sure to sell your old HTC quickly to get the best price as values generally only go down.

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