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HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

To the right we list our Top Recommended Deal and below that we show all the mobile phone recyclers who will pay you to recycle your old HTC mobile phone.

Sell your HTC Desire HD

Released October 2010Operating System Android OS 2.2Display 4.3 inchesCamera 8MPProcessor 1 GHz ScorpionRAM 768MBBattery 1,230 mAh

When the HTC Desire HD hit the shops back in October 2010, there was no doubting that it caused a flurry of excitement. HTC are well known for producing desirable Android phones, and the HD was certainly in demand. Powered by the latest (at the time) Android 2.2 Froyo, the HTC Desire HD boasted an 8-megapixel camera, HD video and was altogether a well-received smartphone. However, as we all know, new and innovative doesn't remain new and innovative for long, especially in the world of mobile technology and, given that this particular model was released over half a decade ago, the HTC Desire HD has unfortunately lost its desirability in the second-hand phone market.

If you were one of those people who rushed to the shops to get your hands on a brand new HTC Desire HD, we're sure that you were delighted with your purchase. However, we'd be very surprised if you're still using your Desire HD five years later. In fact, we're pretty certain that you've already replaced it with something else or, if not, you're thinking about doing it soon. Which leads us to ask what you did or are planning to do with your old phone? Are you going to pass it on to someone who needs a phone but can't afford to buy one or are you thinking of simply throwing it out with your household rubbish? If you're considering the latter - STOP! Mobile phones and their batteries contain all kinds of toxins and pollutants that shouldn't end up in landfill. However, we've got the solution to recycling your old phone, in a way that won't cost you a penny, but will earn you a couple of quid into the bargain, and that's by selling your HTC Desire HD to a phone recycling company.

Simply take a look at our comparison chart now. While there aren't many companies queuing up to take this particular model off your hands, you'll see that there are several who are prepared to buy your HTC Desire HD, plus they'll send you all the necessary packaging and even pay the postage to enable you to send your phone to them. What could be easier than that? You'll be getting rid of your old phone, getting a few quid for doing so, and also disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way. It's a win, win situation all round.