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Google Pixel 3A XL

Pixel 3A XL

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How Do I Sell My Google Pixel 3a XL?

When you have decided that you are ready to put your Pixel 3a XL back on sale, choose the recycler from our selection that you believe is giving you the best offer. Then, send your details to them. You have two options for sending your device, either use a freepost package, or send your phone to them independently. You will receive payment either via cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Google Pixel 3a XL?

When it comes to selling your devices, sooner rather than later is usually a sufficient guide. However, there are specific times of the year that you might want to wait for. These are either prior to the release of another Google smartphone, or during the build-up to Christmas.

Google Pixel 3a XL Price History

The Pixel 3a XL came out in 2019 with a capacity of 64GB. The cost of this device was £469 at the time of its release. If you sell your phone sooner rather than later, this should get you a higher price. This is because handsets’ value decreases as time goes on. Condition is another factor that you will want to consider. If your device is in an excellent condition, then this will get you a higher price. If you use a phone case, this should protect your device from most mishaps.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My Google Pixel 3a XL?

It is easy to put your Pixel 3a XL back on the market just by recycling it. What will happen is firstly a refurbishment of your device to get it in a good condition to be put back on the market to be sold on as a second-hand device. Or, if your device has significant damage, then the valuable components of it will be taken out and these will be put back on the market instead.

Can I Sell My Broken Google Pixel 3a XL?

Even if your phone has been completely damaged in some way, you will still be able to get some money for it regardless. You simply have to select ‘broken’ when describing your device. Some of the issues it could have include audio problems, buttons not working or a broken screen. If there has been some sort of water damage, then make sure that you take a look at your recycler’s Terms and Conditions or get in touch with them directly to find out what their policies are regarding this.

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