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Fairphone 4


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How Do I Sell my Fairphone 4?

Although Fairphone have been releasing devices with some more regularity than we would expect for an environmentally conscious phone manufacturer, they are making improvements to the sustainability with each turn. And with each new phone, they are somewhat surprisingly still offering continued support for their old devices, meaning the demand for these never wanes.

Selling your Fairphone 4 is easy, choose one of the above merchants based on the price they offer or their rating, making sure you have selected the most relevant condition and then fill out the order form, they will then send you a free post return pack to send your phone off. Make sure you have removed any pictures and reset to factory settings to ensure the process is as fast as possible.

When is the best time to Sell your Fairphone 4?

Unlike most other manufacturers, Fairphone supports their devices for a long time, this means they remain relevant for many years and merchants will continue to find it easy to sell them on the secondary market. The best time to sell your phone is as soon as you have ordered a new device as the offer price for old phones does tend to go down with time. So rather than letting it sit in your drawer unused, select an offer price above and recycle your Fairphone 4 today.

What will happen after I recycle my Fairphone 4?

Any repairs the device needs to make it suitable once again for resale will be conducted once you have sent the phone back to them. If it was already in a really good condition, they will make sure it doesn’t have any personal data on the phone, spruce the phone up and put the device back on the market. If the phone is beyond repair, then it will be recycled responsibly and the rare earth materials will be kept out of landfill.

Can I Sell My Broken Fairphone 4?

Fairphone is one of the most repairable phones on the planet, so merchants are always happy to purchase your broken device if you don’t want to conduct the repair yourself. Just use the above selectors to select the broken condition.

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