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How do I sell my Fairphone 3 Plus?

With sustainability in mind, the Fairphone 3 Plus is a powerhouse device for those looking to keep their phone for a sustained length of time. The device itself is supported for a considerable amount of time compared to its competitors and will only become irrelevant if the processing demand of apps outstrip what is currently on offer in the Fairphone 3 Plus.

Because of this, merchants are keen to buy these devices for their strong resale value, simply choose from one of the above merchants based on their star rating, offer value or postage method, fill out the order form and they will send you a pack to send the device to them. They will then assess the phone for damage and then either re-offer you based on that, or if it’s in really good condition, pay you the full price.

When is the best time to sell my Fairphone 3 Plus?

The great thing about the Fairphone 3 Plus is that it remains relevant for many years, with its regular security and software updates, merchants can almost always ensure there is a market for the second hand models. But if you are looking to get the most money for your old Fairphone 3 Plus, then selling it as soon as you have upgraded to a newer phone is the best way to get that top offer price. The longer you let it sit unused, the more value it will drop.

What will happen after I recycle my Fairphone 3 Plus?

Keeping the device in the loop for longer is of utmost importance, and something that has been designed into Fairphone devices, with the parts being easily replaceable and repairable. So what the merchant can quite simply do is replace any broken parts and put the phone back on the market, and considering the longevity of the device, they will always find an eco conscious buyer.

Can I sell my broken Fairphone 3 Plus?

Absolutely, you can sell any broken phones on Compare and Recycle and the Fairphone 3 Plus is no different. You could go through the repair process yourself, as Fairphone have quite an extensive availability of repairable items. But this isn’t for everyone so go ahead and choose the broken selector above and go through the same process of sending it off. If it is water damaged, however, you may need to check the individual merchants’ terms and conditions.

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