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How Do I Sell my BlackBerry Priv?

Selling your old BlackBerry Priv through Compare and Recycle is as easy as selecting from one of the different Merchants above that are happy to buy your phone off you for the best market value. Once you have selected the merchant you wish to sell to, simply select the method you want to send it to them, some will have a collection service, others will send you a pack, or you can just send it in your own packaging. The BlackBerry Priv was released in 2015, and you can currently still recycle it effectively through our merchants, chances are you have already upgraded and just found this in your drawer. Good on you for looking into ways to recycle it. You’re doing a good thing.

When is the best time to Sell your BlackBerry Priv?

Realistically, the best time to sell the Priv was several years ago, as you would have got a decent amount of money back for it. Probably more than you even realise as this early OLED device was in heavy demand by many Merchant due to it’s quick fall from grace as BlackBerry had a troubled time in the twenty-teens and have never found the same popularity they enjoyed with their devices in the noughties.

BlackBerry Priv Price History

The BlackBerry Priv had a release price of £579.99 and that was flagship prices back in 2015. It’s easy to forget the price of devices just a few years ago, as Apple has totally blown the roof off what customers are willing to pay for their new devices. Selling an iPhone is much easier these days because they retain their prices a lot more effectively than other brands.

What will happen after I recycle my BlackBerry Priv?

After you have sent your device in to be recycled, the merchant will assess damages and re-offer you accordingly. After that transaction is complete, they will refurbish the device and put it back on the market as a refurbished product. Keeping it in the cycle for longer.

Can I Sell My Broken BlackBerry Priv?

Your Priv might be broken; but it’s still worth recycling. All you need to do is categorise your phone as ‘broken’ on our site. However, if your device has been subjected to water damage, then you should contact your recycling company to find out what these policies are via the company’s T&Cs.

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