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BlackBerry Key2




What counts as good?

To receive the full quoted price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

How Do I Sell my BlackBerry Key2?

Selling a BlackBerry Key2 is easier than ever, here at Compare and Recycle we have a whole host of merchants that will take your old device and most likely give you some cash for it as well. The price you’ll get on Compare and Recycle is the best price you’ll find around the web, unless you want to sell directly to someone else on eBay, which comes with it’s own set of risks and hassles.

Selling to one of our Merchants is as hassle free as it gets, simply choose the merchant that has the best reviews (or pays the most). They will send you a freepost pack to send your device back to them, then they will review and assess the device and either pay you the whole offer amount or re offer based on the scratches, bumps and dents on the device.

When is the best time to Sell your BlackBerry Key2?

The Key2 was released in 2018 so it’s definitely starting to get to the lower end of it’s value, so the sooner you sell it, the more money you are likely to get for it. It wasn’t a cheap device to begin with and now, most people would have come to the end of it’s lifecycle and most will have upgraded by now. Try to avoid just putting it in the drawer and forgetting about it and get that device sent off to a recycler pronto to get the best price, before it drops even further.

BlackBerry Key2 Price History

The BlackBerry Key2 had a release price of £579.99 back in 2018 you can work out the depreciation by looking at the current offer price above and seeing how much the value has depreciated by since then. Chances are it’s a lot as the device has been out for a long time now and the value to be recovered reduces over time, which is to be expected. That’s why it’s always best to sell your phone as soon as you don’t need it anymore.

What will happen after I recycle my BlackBerry Key 2?

After you have sent your device in to the merchant, they will assess any damage and offer you a price to account for the damage. After that they will refurbish the device and most likely sell it domestically as a refurbished product. Keeping it in the cycle for longer.

Can I Sell My Broken BlackBerry Key2?

If your Key2 is broken, for example it doesn’t turn on, has a greatly diminished battery or a cracked screen, then you need to select broken with the selectors above. Send the device in and hopefully you’ll get some money back regardless, but if you don’t and the phone was broken anyway, it saves it going to landfill and means the valuable materials can be extracted and repurposed.

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